Before Entering the Exchange, Please Note the Following Labels and their Application:

NPN = Non-performing note. This represents a mortgage that has stopped paying that is secured by a First Lien position on title.

PN = Performing note. This represents a mortgage that is currently in good standing and is secured by a First Lien position.

REO = Real estate owned. This represents a real estate property without tenants.

Turn Key = This represents an asset that in inhabited with rental tenants and provides cash flow and to which you are purchasing the property that is listed.

Make Offer = This represents that our Supplier has not provided us with a price and requires you to use the ‘Make Offer’ feature to submit your price; in the event you’re interested in purchasing.

AZ, AR, AK etc. = These abbreviations represent the States that are available within a given portfolio.

Pool = Another name for a group or assets or properties. Also known as a portfolio.