This short video is to help you further understand the features of Urbia Exchange by showing you how to use the Cherry Pick (Select Asset) and Make Offer Feature.

In the course of a normal visit to the site, a member will click through and review the different details specific to each property.

This details include…a purchase price to buy the asset, comparable values from other assets in the area, including current rental market specifics, a legal description, pictures and links to outside due diligence sources that can provide even more information about the asset.

You are able cherry pick those assets and have them appear on the auto populated Letter of Intent that the site creates using your profile information.

When you’ve completed your review, you’re comfortable with the assets in the portfoliotn and your’e ready to take the next step, you click on the LOI link and it creates for you the document you;ll need to submit to us in order to purchase the assets.

You then send us an executed copy of this LOI to It is at this point that we arrange a formal close for your new assets.

Let’s say that of the assets to which you are interested, in the process of completing your due diligence you find information that would make you willing to purchase the asset; if only it were at a lower price.

We’ve provided a feature that allows your input into this process to submit an offer to our verified seller.

Watching this video will walk you through how all of that works!

Thank you for your membership at Urbia Exchange.

Just remember, each portfolio requires a separate LOI, buy as many assets as you’d like.. And for every portfolio, submit a separate LOI.

If you’re interested in subscribing as a paid member to our Exchange, email